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Do you ever wonder why some of your friends look so much younger than you do?

Many factors contribute to causing our faces to age in appearance. The pages of this magazine will educate you on non-surgical solutions for each. This article will explain the benefits of one of the most popular, and yet misunderstood, cosmetic procedures. Dermal fillers can be wonderful when done properly, creating results that are so natural that even an educated eye can’t tell you had it done. On the flip side, poorly done fillers can create results that look odd.>>



As we age the fat pads that give the face its youthful shape shrink and shift. Bone density also decreases. The lost fullness can be evident around the forehead, eyes, brows, temples, cheeks, and mouth. The face becomes more hollow, especially around the eyes, cheeks, and chin. Jowls appear, volume and definition of the lips decreases, and as everything seems to gravitate inward and downward, deep nasolabial folds appear and jawline definition is lost. These are the factors that can be addressed with dermal fillers!

Typically, facial features that are associated with attractiveness include a facial shape (cheeks and chin), eyebrow shape, as well as the shape and fullness of lips. Thin lips can be made fuller or enhanced just enough to erase lip lines. From subtle to dramatic, every size is the right size based on the wishes of the patient.

Fillers can restore the volume your face had when you were younger. They can also be used to create shape and contours that have never existed. Features can be enhanced and contoured with facial injectables to help men and women achieve the look they desire.

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  • Restore youthful contours of cheeks
  • Fill in dark circles under the eyes
  • Enhance thin lips, improve shape & symmetry
  • Fill in deep brackets around the mouth
  • Restore contour of jaw, minimize jowls
  • Minimize lines around the lips

What do you want to see changed?

Skinpossible’s cosmetic injection specialists use advanced treatment techniques to ensure that our clients are comfortable. In some areas of the face where a high degree of precision is needed we transfer the filler into smaller needles before we inject it. In areas such as the lips, we will first apply numbing cream to desensitize the skin. In areas where less precision is required, we may choose to avoid the use of needles altogether and use a micro-cannula to place the filler. The micro-cannula is being called the ‘Ouchless Needle.’
It is small and the tip is rounded. The value of the blunt tip is that it is comfortable and the risk of bruising and damage to the skin is minimal. With precise injection points, low injection volume, and specific injection techniques (some with a needle, some with a micro-cannula, some with a linear or fanning technique) Skinpossible’s cosmetic
injectors deliver safe and predictable results. Your filler treatment will be customized specifically for you to create the most attractive results possible.

Results are instant and natural in appearance!

There are many different types of dermal fillers and many manufacturers. Skinpossible uses fillers that are made from Hyaluronic Acid which is a naturally occurring substance in our skin. Filler comes in many different consistencies ranging from Voluma™, a Juvederm™ product which is very thick, to Redensity I and II™, Teosyal products, which are very fluid. Administering dermal fillers is an art! The skill and experience of your injector will very much dictate the outcome. The key is to do enough, place it properly and not overdo it. The changes will be subtle but the difference it makes will be dramatic. You will look just like yourself, only better!

How long will it last?

Generally, the thicker the product is the longer it will last, but the longevity of filler can also be affected by the degree of movement in the area of the face where it is placed. Filler placed in areas of the face with more activity, such as the lips, will generally not last as long as filler placed in areas of the face with a lower degree of movement, such as the cheeks or orbits of the eyes. Some fillers will last up to two years (or longer) while others are more short-lived with only six to nine months of longevity on average.

How much will it cost?

The cost at Skinpossible ranges from $399 for our mini-lip enhancement, and increases depending on which product and how much product is used to do your procedure. There is no cost for a consultation so simply call and book your appointment. We’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

dermal fillers calgary 

*results may vary


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