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Calgary's Premier Medical Aesthetics Clinic. Skinpossible is a private full-service medical aesthetics clinic specializing in advanced non-surgical solutions for your skin and body. We offer a wide range of treatments (over 60) From injectables to lasers to skin tightening, body contouring, medical-grade skincare and much more.

Isn’t it wonderful what’s possible these days?  Medical advancements have increased our life expectancy by decades!  And fortunately, cosmetic advancements have been developed that can keep us looking as young as we feel.  We all feel better when we look better and it is amazing what can be done without surgery!


Each of us ages in appearance in different ways

Some of us develop wrinkles while others remain relatively wrinkle-free but develop jowls or a saggy neck.  Still others lose fat volume in the face or under the eyes which can make us appear tired.  Sometimes deep frown lines develop and we can appear angry or stressed out even when we are happy and relaxed.  Brown and red pigment can also affect our appearance. 

Treatments exist to minimize the effects of aging in our appearance

At the same time we lose fat in our faces we tend to gain fat around our midsections.  Sometimes even when we are young our genetics leave us predisposed to stubborn pockets of fat that are simply resistant to diet and exercise.  Fortunately, there are non-surgical solutions for that too?
In this amazing world of medical-aesthetics the need for shaving can be a thing of the past.  Even tattoos are no longer permanent and can be removed.

The options are many!  The choices are abundant! 

Not all lasers and aesthetics technology are created equal.  Manufacturers of technology and the number of treatments within every category are too numerous to keep up with.  The number of providers of aesthetics treatments and services can be overwhelming!  How can you as a consumer know which treatment or combination of treatments will give you the outcomes you seek within the budget you have to invest?  The answer lies in the consultation.

consultation at Skinpossible is like a free education in medical aesthetics

At Skinpossible we feel strongly that given the opportunity to be part of your transition, it is our obligation to make sure that the course of treatment you choose will deliver the outcome you seek.  During your free consultation our goal is to explain the various options in a way that will give you enough information to make an informed decision.  Only then can we make a plan that will best achieve their goals within the budget they have to invest.  You may not always get the answers you want but one thing you will always get from us is truthful answers.

Our technology is best-in-class within every category

Our patients have told us again and again that they enjoy the ‘experience’ of coming here for their treatments.  They say they feel cared for and appreciated.  This can be attributed to the wonderful team of outstanding professionals who work here.  Every member our staff has a true passion for what we do and we try to make the treatment experience special.  It makes our day when our patients tell us we have succeeded in doing so. 


We would value an opportunity to earn your trust! 

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